Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings

I was a little bit slack during the holidays as I do a lot of my blog posts while I am trying to kill some time at work. I was lucky enough to have quite a few days off and even luckier that I was able to go to Italy and spend Christmas with Alex's family. So I naughtily have done nothing but eat, drink and be merry and I hope you all had as lovely a Christmas and New Year's as I did. But the point of this post is to share my New Year resolutions. I thought if I write them down and make them public I'm more likely to stick to them, right? Well here they are:

1. Update my blog more frequently - This is super important as I was MEANT to do that while I was travelling and instead was very lazy and I am now dealing with the consequences by playing catch up!

2. Eat more healthily and exercise - This is pretty much my resolution every year but is much more important this year. With London's cold climate I'm tending to turn to the comfort food more often with dire consequences. I also was very fitness motivated before I travelled and while I was travelling I was doing a lot of walking. Unfortunately in London I have done sweet f**kall! So like I said New Year = New Beginnings so I need to kick my own butt and get myself sorted again.

3. Keep travelling - The whole point of moving to London was that I was in close proximity to Europe and this coupled with very cheap airfares would mean I could explore more of Europe that I wasn't able to get to in my 2 month trip. In the few months that I have been in London I have gone to Paris, back to Rome, Capua and Zurich, so I want to keep this the focus of my time here.

So there they are, wish me luck and I hope all of you who have made resolutions stick to them as well!

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